Posted by: catsandfish | October 12, 2008

Day Off

Wednesday was my Day Off. “Day Off” means cleaning my house and doing my laundry. I also had time to take some photos.

Eating fruit is very important. Here is my current fruit bowl. We used the fresh limes on the chicken we made for dinner-

My cat Hazy is intrested in my fruit-








Here are some festive Fall pumpkins I have in my living room-








This is my cat Twinkle sleeping on the table. Her 1st Birthday was October 1st-








Here is my Blood Parrot Cichlid Tequila Sunrise eating. When I got him he was all orange, but now he has bright blue spots on his tail and dorsal fin-








Here are both of my Blood Parrots being camera shy behind their mopani wood. The small yellow one is Bananafish- 









Here is a picture that William took of Rock Lobster (a Crawdad) and Bandit (a Keyhole Cichlid) inside the rainbow rock-


  1. Wonderful picutes! I am going to steal them and use them for my back ground! Love you!

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