Posted by: catsandfish | October 15, 2008

Fires…A Little Bit Of Hell On Earth

I have lived in LA for over 1 year and have visited my boyfriend here for over 5 years. Every year around this time the skies fill with smoke and ash rains down.

Local news channels show constant footage of panic in the streets, affected people or animals, and of course hillsides ablaze with heroic fire fighters and aircraft doing their best to minimise damage to structures and people. (My brother fights fires in Westport, California) Last year we watched a news reporter doing a story on his own house buring behind him.

The air quality in LA is rarely nice, but the constant smoke make your eyes and lungs burn slightly. Local schools and businesses close down due to air quality. People are in  a terrible mood because everyone knows someone affected.

We have our cat carriers ready even though we are far from where the fires are currently burning. Our families call every day to make sure we are still safe. I took some photos of the smoke, but I still need to edit them.

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