Posted by: catsandfish | October 20, 2008

Proposition 8 Supporters Make Drive To Work More Depressing


A woman on Reseda holding a large yellow sign with the words: PROP 8 = FREE SPEECH

I had to work on Saturday. As I drove past the Reseda/Nordhoff intersection I noticed about 10 people holding bright yellow signs. The following short phrases were printed in bold black print:

 “Prop 8 = Less Government”

Prop 8 = Religious Freedom”

Prop 8 = Free Speech”

My first instinct was to throw my middle finger up at these Homophobic Bastards who can’t mind their own freaking business. Instead I pulled my car over to ask the woman with the free speech sign what she thought the sign meant. She said that 60%  of California voters had voted gay marriage down and it was overturned. She also told me that if Prop 8 passes the state constitution will be amended to define marriage as only between a man and a woman. (I already knew, I read my voter information packets) I feel like they might as well make it a law that Love only exists between a man and a woman. I know how important marriage is to some people and to deny them normal human rights is disgusting. In a day and age when people can get “married for fun” in Vegas; to tell people who are really in love that they can’t get married is sick, cruel, unethical and immoral. If Prop 8 passes it  would reinforce the idea that LGBT Americans don’t deserve the same rights as other Americans. Not only do LGBT Americans have to fight for normal civil rights, they have to fight for acceptance in everyday social situations to the point where many people feel the need to “stay in the closet” at work, school, and even at home. I asked the woman holding the free speech sign why she personally felt so strongly about this issue. She told me that in Massachusetts, when gay marriage passed, it became required to teach gay marriage as an option in all public schools. I asked why that was such a problem, and she said that she didn’t want her grandson learning moral values at school, he needed to learn them at home. She even went as far as to say that no marriage should be taught in schools, which is impossible since marriage is a legal term. (Why would he trust his teacher more than his family anyway? Or maybe it’s because she would have to give her grandson reasons why it’s bad to be gay?) The question is this: What is she so afraid of? Does she think that her grandson will become gay because it’s taught as an option in public schools? So afraid that she would spend her Saturday morning armed with a fanny pack and sunglasses, full make up and hairstyle, in the hot sun, waving a huge yellow sign at 6 lanes of traffic in Liberal LA? I just don’t know about the world today. For more information/opinion check out my boyfriend’s blog


  1. Either I am a raving, angry, lunatic activist who is insane enough to be UN-ashamed and UN-apologetic as I demand civil marriage equality – OR – I am a man who simply knows I deserve equality.

    I AM equal. I know it.

    Be adults. I cannot hold all of your hands as you grapple with your phobias, fears, and obsessions. We exist. Deal.

    Gay Tax Protest – until we are EQUAL.

  2. I was really pleased to discover that today’s planned ‘State-wide School Sick-out’ pro 8 protest have inadvertently adopted a lesbian poster for their campaign; poetic justice I think. You can see the posters and my comments are over at my blog:

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