Posted by: catsandfish | October 24, 2008

So…What’s Up With All These Bastards Lately? Rum & Coke Time!

I just got off work an hour ago.

I bought the Betta. He’s so friggin’ cool! He is orange and blue. I named him Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, I work 10-6pm

*freaking sweet*

I didn’t even have to ask for it off. Now William and I can go to Costume Carnival in West Hollywood. (I will post pics)

Dude…there was this Evil Old Woman today at work. She yelled in my face and made Sierra cry in anger. I wanted to kick her ass in the parking lot. She was so angry because she was trying to return something we don’t even sell…and probably because she takes too much prescription medication and can’t get laid. She was there for over an hour after I got back from lunch. There was this FABU gay Asian boy couple that started making fun of the Evil Old Woman right in front of her, saying things like, “I should slap that Bitch!” and “I’m sorry about HER!” they even came back after eating at in and out burger to make sure she was gone. They kept calling her the scandalous bitch. Other people were also great. Everybody made her look like a Jackass. We all had a good time after closing making fun of every detail about her.

I almost died a million times on the way home. I am sick of LA traffic. Other things are horrible. The economy has “imploded” according to CNN. That would explain bags of cat food going up $5 a bag in a few months and more and more people paying in change. I don’t agree with many aspects of modern politics…for example the fact that women are barely involved even though we are the majority in the U.S. and on the planet…but I really hope that Americans will care enough to not vote for Mcain/Palin. I mean…come on, the crazy post traumatic stress disorder old man is an inch from death and then we’ll have Caribou Barbi as president…do you guys know what the world would think of her? Especially all the sexist bastard nations? Holy crap. She’s a 2nd place beauty contest girl! They don’t let their women show their faces or have Clitorises! Does anyone think they could possibly respect a bimbo like that? I support powerful, wonderful women being in upper politics, but Palin just seems to like being horrible. Making rape victims buy their own rape kits and telling them they can’t have abortions if they get knocked up from the greatest psychological trauma of their lives?…you know who could say all this better…

Canada seems really nice besides the super cold winter. I can rock a turtle neck and snow boots…and what about all the other interesting countries?

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