Posted by: catsandfish | November 2, 2008

Rain On My Parade

I just got off work.  It rained some last night and this morning. I went to work at 6 am, woke up at 5 am. Took a bubble bath the night before. I have been taking photos everywhere I go. I will post some eventually.

We stayed at home for Halloween. A few people came over. I worked until 8pm. No costume carnival.

There is a terrible dissatisfaction I feel working where I work. I want to be doing something meaningful, not being a corporate slave. I am sick of only having enough time to go to work, eat, sleep, and do a few small things. I don’t even feel like I have access to the creative part of my brain when I’m constantly working.  I also really hate most of the people. Most of them are bitter and ignorant. Others just have a cloud of general anger or sadness. I know it’s somewhat because no one has any money right now; but I grew up broke and being bummed or angry at random retail employees doesn’t change the fact that you’re broke. You should instead try to keep your chin up, have hope, and try to make the world a better, nicer place for everyone. There are a few people who make the day better: the lady who wears recycled clothes, has about 20 senior rescue cats and brought me a “No On Prop 8” sign, the little kids who want to be Vets, all the kitten rescue people, some of my co-workers, William…the rest are pretty much terrible. The way I see people treat other people and defenseless animals makes me fear for the future of the human race. I wish I could change things.

I really try to stay optimistic, but it’s hard. I would really love to paint or write, (really write, not this online bullshit) but I have no inspiration. I want to write something that highlights the ridiculous nature of humans; I hate the way we value possessions over peace, opinion and religion over basic human nature and human rights, and work over physical and mental health. I especially hate the repression of basic human instinct, but there’s a lot more wrong with us than that. It hurts me on a deep level to be part of the human race sometimes, but I guess that the sins of the world should weigh on everyone’s mind a little bit.

I have work until tuesday, then I have to VOTE!!!


  1. Yay for your new bata. I am sorry that you dislike your work so much. I know how you feel about wanting to find a job that is meaningful. Money is nice, but having a job where you feel like you are making a differance in the world is what really matters. Even if it is just a little bit it really helps. So don’t give up on the human race yet. There are still good people out there. We may not be able to change it enough for people to notice, but we do change it. Sometimes it is just a smile to someone having a bad day. Keep up the bubble baths and watching your new fishy friend. And as Dori says from Finding Nemo “Just keep swimming!”

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