Posted by: catsandfish | March 18, 2009


We did it! We packed up all our stuff, rented a U-Haul, put the cats in their carriers and drove out of L.A. I had to give up my fish, but I know Eddy will take good care of them. Now I can get a bigger tank and Glofish (genetically modified Zebra Danios that are as Neon as the Vegas Strip and illegal in California) Some things are the same; my job still sucks, I still get no sleep, I still worry about everything too much and I’m still way too busy. A few things have changed; I paint again, we eat much better food when we have time to cook it, we live in a cheaper, much nicer place, and I can breath the air here without feeling like I’m inhaling everyone’s exhaust. The views of the mountains are also fantastic. I didn’t think there would be flowers here, but they are everywhere. We’ve been too busy to go to any shows or anything like that, but I have bought new dishes, a fun green dress, a floppy black sun hat, some great books and wine glasses  from the 1950’s and a new computer desk. Things are much better here, but I am still going to look for a new job. I need to stop typing for now. I am going to make William a nice dinner, (he’s been working 60 hours a week and deserves it) and need to clean up my fantastic new kitchen a little bit.


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