Posted by: catsandfish | March 25, 2009

Sunshine Cafe

I was in a terrible mood when I woke up today. My ankle is swollen and bruised from moving a bunch of heavy cat litter and fish tank stands at work Sunday night. (The floor cleaning crew was coming, so everything movable had to be off the floor in just a few hours. For some reason they pushed a lot of that job on me. Maybe they want me to quit?) I also had to stay at work until 5 a.m. to supervise the floor crew. I spent Monday in bed unable to move my knee and ankles and hoping I would not be disabled for life, then I had to go in to work yesterday. By the end of the day my right ankle was two times the size of my left and slightly purple. I called my mom this morning to see what I should do. (she used to be a geriatric care giver and always knows what to do with minor injuries) She told me to take some pain killer, get an ankle brace and keep it elevated as much as possible. Not the answer I wanted to hear since I have to work the rest of the week, but my boss will have to deal with it, since it’s his fault in the first place. So then I was in a very bad mood and also very hungry. (Monday was my grocery store day, so I had no food in the house) I left to the pharmacy, intending to drive through some fast food place for breakfast when I remembered a little cafe I’d seen about a week ago called “The Sunshine Cafe”. I thought about it and decided to try it out. I’m so glad that I did. It’s a hole in the wall in an ancient strip mall with two churches with weird cult sounding names, a barber shop and a dry cleaning place. (the whole place looks run down and like it might crumble in the next strong wind) It was fantastic. Their sign was surrounded with little shiny disks that moved in the wind and had a huge smiling retro cartoon sun logo. As I walked inside I smelled hot coffee, eggs, toast and some sweet dessert (pie?) they were baking for the lunch crowd. The seats were slightly torn bright orange and yellow vinyl booths with matching flowers on the wire lamp shades. The crowd  was mostly couples and old men all 70 or 80 years old, aside from a biker gang of guys in their 50’s, who were enthusiastically debating which Broadway show was the best, and if Broadway was better than ballet. There was not a cell phone, fancy coffee drink or laptop computer in sight. A sweet old waitress with a perfect curly hairstyle told me I could sit any place I liked, so I picked a booth, ordered a spinach omelet, hash browns, an English muffin and coffee and listened to the old couple behind me talk about seeing The Andrews Sisters on their fourth date. I cleaned my plate (the food was delicious) and left feeling like the sun was indeed shining a little brighter.

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