Posted by: catsandfish | March 27, 2009

Full Leg Sprain

I went to the doctor yesterday to get my ankle checked out. I had to go to the store’s doctor if I wanted them to pay for it, so I drove to this weird industrial area of town out in the middle of nowhere and found Concentra Medical Center. I had to fill out ten pages of paper work; my medical history, descriptions of my injury and how it felt, how I injured myself, there was even a drawing of a human where I had to circle the injured parts of my body. I turned in the forms and sat in the waiting room with all the other injured people for about an hour. Finally my name was called and I walked back to the exam room. A friendly nurse with a very thick Indian accent took my temperature and blood pressure and told me to, “Remove your pants, do not remove your underwears, and please put on these shorts.” The shorts were some plasticy blue fabric and looked like a clown would own them. I considered asking to keep them but decided against it. I put on the hilarious shorts and waited for the doctor. The room was pretty cold and the exam bed was high off the floor so my feet dangled off like a little kid’s. After about five minutes my doctor came in. His name was Dr. Nick (if you watch The Simpsons you understand why this is funny. I had to say “Hi Dr. Nick!” but I don’t think he got the reference) and like the nurse he had a very thick Indian accent. He asked me all the same questions that had been on the forms then poked and prodded my ankles and knee while mumbling things like, “Very bad” and “Discoloration here and here” like he had a tape recorder. Then he said, “Get up, show me how you walk.” I took about four steps around the exam room and he says, “Ah, you cannot. Please sit down.” He then sent me to get X-rays done on both my feet and my knee. I had never had an X-ray so that was pretty interesting. I got to see all the tiny bones in my feet. Nothing was broken and no tendons were damaged. I got to put my pants back on while I waited for the final diagnosis. The nurse came back with a pair of crutches and an air cast for my ankle. Dr. Nick came in right after her and told me I have an incredible tolerance for pain; I have a full leg sprain, I need to be sitting or laying down 90% of the time, and I would need to come back for physical therapy. The crutches are only for when I’m in severe pain, but I have to wear the air cast all the time. I am going to drive to my work in a little while to give them the paper work and buy cat food, then I have to figure out what to do while I sit around. I guess find an interesting book.cat1

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