Posted by: catsandfish | April 24, 2012

All Caught Up

I just posted my recent Facebook notes. It seemed like the thing to do since I have neglected this blog forever.

More news- I have been approved for disability. I am buying a house. More on that later.

I just got back from the 99 Cent Only Store and Walmart. Classy outing, I know. I went with Krystal, in the few minutes she has between working and sleeping.

 There was this guy in the parking lot trying to catch shit in the air that wasn’t there. It was pretty interesting to watch.

Krystal’s ear started randomly bleeding, so she just screams “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Ear herpes?!” in the check out line.

There were two people behind us, and they both went into this much longer line just so they didn’t have to stand next to us.

We were laughing hysterically. 

I injured myself in the 99 Cent Only Store by hitting my ankle with a freezer door. Instead of having any kind of normal reaction, I screamed, “Oh man, right in the Achilles tendon!” 

More hysterical laughter.

I guess we are just bad at being in public. 


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